The COC from 1971 is one of the leading companies in the import-export of fruit and vegetables. It deals manufacturers advice on guidelines productive through production rules, in order to ensure the highest quality and healthiness in fruit and vegetables to the final consumer. Assistance with services to members for the ordinary and extraordinary activities, a renewal of certification, participation in trade fairs, internalization process. Schedules cultivation of COC take place in collaboration with member farms, in order to be able to offer a wide range of certified products "bios" and "certiquality". COC is the ideal partner for customers eager to present itself and operate in a competitive and innovative on the market, thanks to 'wide range of packages available. The Our strengths are: the quality of the system and a flexible logistic that allow us to be present with our products on the main national and international markets, ensuring quality and reliability. Every day COC addresses the needs of a quality and technology. Investment, the passion and the will are a testimony of the achievement and consolidation of the position reached that is updated daily to keep up with the times.