The COC also operates as a protagonist in the market of 'organic produce: in 2004 he formed the' VALNATURA company on the market with the own brand. It is a fact that despite being integrated into a commercial structure of the COC manages only organic product. The real strength of 'organization is the direct and experimented with a rich production base. Direct knowledge and widespread individual producers allowed a rigorous selection based on their overall quality is: what is the corporate program of cultivation, care and control, consistency of supply and service, a homogeneity of the product.

VALNATURA ensures total traceability of raw materials and a careful quality control to a 'input and to' out of their warehouses of conditioning, applying the production protocols GLOBALG.AP. and Biological under Reg. Ce 834/07. The VALNATURA is subject to the control system of the BIOS srl Cod Operatore IT 005C178. The relationship with manufacturers provides frequent field visits, to provide the farmers with all the information and skills necessary to standardize products and services to the pi ù diversified customer demands and pi ù high quality standards that the organic sector requires.

VALNATURA aims with the client's brand, in the field of medium and large retailers and completes its offer proposing to the field of 'food industry and school catering.